About Tyler Tafelsky

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Protein Powder Review. My name is Tyler, the guy behind the reviews. I could be summarized as an endurance athlete and outdoorsman who specializes in various aspects of digital marketing as a trade.

It's probably worth noting that I am a former vegan (still about 95% plant-based, but started supplementing with fish oil). I started eating plant-based mostly for selfish reasons (optimizing athletic performance and accelerating recovery,) but over the years I have come to see the side of animal equality and fully respect the morals of 100% veganism.

Vegan Plant-Based Protein Powder Review GuySuffice to say, I am primarily fueled by plants and I have never felt better. An inspiration and role model of mine, Rich Roll, once encouraged his podcast listeners to drink a green smoothie instead of a typical breakfast of oatmeal or eggs. Well, after drinking a kale and berry-packed smoothie with a scoop of Vega Sport vanilla protein powder, I began to feel a heightened state of awareness combined with a tingling sensation throughout my body, similar to an experience I had at a Toronto rave club (another story.)

Since that initial experiment, I knew there was something powerful to eating a plant-based diet. And from there on out, I slowly ditched meat and dairy, and I opted for foods rich in plants. Four years later, I have found what works well for me, and that's a highly plant-based diet.

Because my computer-bound workdays are so immobilizing and physically passive, I enjoy various forms endurance training (running, biking, swimming, etc.) combined with some strength training. My intention is to race my second half Ironman in the coming year, but patiently, enabling my body to adapt to the rigors of long-distance training.

In doing so, I am also training my body to become more fat-adapted, or to use fat for fuel over glucose, a more efficient and sustainable source of energy. So given my athletic pursuits, plant-based diet, and branding mindset, I've cultivated an interest in the marketplace for vegan supplements and I enjoy dabbling with what I can get my hands on.

So with a curiosity to try various plant-based proteins and optimize recovery, I began experimenting with some of these vegan protein powders. Today, I review and document each product here on this website. In addition to this site, you can hang out with my at Better Triathlete where I talk about triathlon-related stuff.